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News 19 August 2015

Costly cancer misdiagnosis minimising chances of survival

An increase in cancer misdiagnosis is having a detrimental impact on patient’s chances of survival in...

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News 12 August 2015

Increase in GP Negligence blamed on ‘overworked’ doctors

Increasing GP workloads in the UK is having a detrimental effect on patient safety according to...

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News 06 August 2015

Retained surgical instruments

British hospitals are among the worst in the Western world for leaving surgical instruments in the...

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News 27 July 2015

'Limited' NHS weekend service costing 6000 lives a year

The Government is preparing to push through legislation that would see more consultants work on weekends...

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News 24 July 2015

Mistreated brain injury patients suffer lasting damage

There have been a number of recent reports involving the NHS highlighting medical negligence cases, that...

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News 20 July 2015

Mistakes during routine surgery affecting patients quality of life

According to a report published by the NHS Litigation Authority in 2014, the number of clinical...

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News 30 June 2015

Inconsistent levels of care contributing to bowel surgery deaths

Experts who have carried out an audit of care across the UK have found that 11%...

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News 26 June 2015

Further calls made to regulate ‘cowboy’ Cosmetic Surgery industry

Specialists within leading cosmetic surgery governing bodies are calling for new legislation to be introduced in...

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News 11 June 2015

NHS compensation rise for negligent hospital deaths

Figures show the number of payments made by the NHS Litigation Authority for fatality claims as...

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News 08 June 2015

Record payouts for NHS Birth Injury claims

The NHS faced an unprecedented level of new clinical negligence claims last year with £1.2bn paid...

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News 08 June 2015

Pharmacists could be protected from criminal proceedings for dispensing errors

Pharmacists could be protected from criminal proceedings for ‘genuine’ dispensing errors under new proposed legislation. Currently under...

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News 28 May 2015

Eye surgery complications 10 times higher than expected

Eye surgery to enhance your vision, whether laser eye surgery or cataract removal can carry risks;...

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