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Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments, where adults and children with serious injuries receive vital treatment, can be a traumatic and unsettling place for patients and their loved ones. However, the expertise and bed manner of the medical professionals we encounter, can help alleviate the stress and discomfort of admittance.

Clinical negligence claims can arise when this care falls short. Many patients are often discharged home without a proper evaluation or referral to a suitable specialist for further investigation. If it can be proved that this substandard care has caused you to suffer further illness or injury, you could make a medical negligence claim.

Specific types of A&E diagnosis and treatment negligence include:

  • Delays in treatment;
  • Errors in recording a patient’s history;
  • Failure to correctly investigate and diagnose;
  • Misinterpretation of radiology;
  • Failure to act appropriately on results of investigations;
  • Failure to treat properly;
  • Failure to refer appropriately to further investigation and treatment;
  • Wrongful discharge

Unfortunately, when these errors occur, they can lead to terrible or fatal consequences; and that’s when our team of specialist Clinical Negligence solicitors are here for you.

The clinical negligence team at Longdens pursue many medical negligence claims each year against hospitals nationwide on behalf of the patients who suffer substandard care in A&E. Therefore, we can properly advise you on whether your claim is viable, and carry out full investigations to gather the best medical and other expert evidence required for us to fight for your A&E claim.

If you or a family member believes they have an A&E claim to carry forward, we recommend contacting our clinical negligence solicitors department on 0191 5666 500. Alternatively, you can fill out our no obligation enquiry form and explain the circumstances of your A&E claim to us online. This means that after submitting the form or talking to a solicitor you are under no obligation to continue and your initial advice session will be free.

Your case could also be handled under a No Win No Fee agreement, so you will incur no financial risk.