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Accident at Work Compensation Claim

John fell from scaffolding at work, sustaining significant leg injuries and developed post traumatic stress disorder thereafter. The injuries were severe enough that it was accepted that he would no longer be able to work in the building trade again, a trade he had worked in for over 30 years and which he very much enjoyed. He was also the main income earner in the family.

Andrew Burford was instructed to pursue a claim against his employer (the Defendant) and following investigations into the cause of the accident and submission of a detailed letter of claim, Andrew secured an admission of Liability.

We then carried out significant investigations to enable us to value the claim. Medical experts in Orthopaedics, Psychiatry and Psychology were instructed to assess John and provide reports in respect of his injuries and needs. With this evidence, Andrew was able to secure an interim payment of £35,000 to allow him to purchase a mobility adapted vehicle.

Andrew arranged for John to undergo an intensive physiotherapy, psychiatric counselling and job re-training program via a charitable rehabilitation organisation.

The program enabled John to identify a field of employment that allowed him to get back to work and to continue using his experience in the building trade, giving him the means to support his family and great personal satisfaction.

Andrew was then able to negotiate a settlement of £150,000 with the Defendant’s Insurers without the need to go to Court.

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