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03 January 2018

Surgeon marks his initials on the livers of two patients

A surgeon has pleaded guilty to marking his initials on the livers of two patients while performing transplant surgery. The Guardian reported that the surgeon, Simon Bramhall, admitted two counts of assault by beating relating to incidents on 9 February and 21 August 2013.

It was reported that the surgeon used an argon beam, used to stop livers bleeding during operations and to highlight an area due to be worked on, to sign his initials into the patients’ organs. It is believed that the marks left by an argon beam disappear by themselves and do not impair the organ’s function. However, commenting in relation to the dignity of patients, Joyce Robins, of Patient Concern, said, “This is a patient we are talking about, not an autograph book.”

Longden Walker and Renney’s Connor Cartledge said, “It is important that the conduct of trusted clinicians is subject to appropriate scrutiny.  If a patient is concerned about the treatment they have received, it is important that they obtain legal advice as soon as possible.”

If you have any reason to believe that you have suffered as a result of an inadequate surgical procedure, do not hesitate to contact Longden Walker and Renney for legal advice. You may be entitled to financial support in the form of compensation, which may help you and your family cope with the effects of any injury that you have suffered.

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