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19 February 2018

Hip fracture patients face up to 80-day wait for rehab, survey finds

The BBC recently reported on the findings of a survey, according to which hip fracture patients in England and Wales can wait up to 80 days for rehabilitation treatment after leaving hospital. 

The worrying figures collected in a survey of nearly 6,000 patients suggest something of a "postcode lottery" when it comes to waiting times, with delays putting people at increased risk of ill health and falls.

There should ideally be no break between rehab in hospital and home, but the reality is that the average waiting time is 15 days, although this figure varies enormously. The majority of hip fractures occur among the elderly population, and without quick rehabilitation they are more likely to lose mobility and confidence, and are more likely to become ill.

What to do if you can't get rehabilitation treatment

As the article recommends, people should first complain to their GP or the hospital physiotherapy services. While waiting for rehab to resume, some simple exercises such as walking up and down stairs or getting up and down from a chair or bed can begin to improve leg strength and balance.

If you find your health and wellbeing, or that of a friend or family member, is being significantly affected by a prolonged lack of rehab treatment, you may be entitled to some compensation. Our experienced claims specialists can help decide if there are grounds for claiming negligence, and what steps you can take if that is the case.