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23 April 2018

Over £2.75m Damages for Child Left Disabled at Birth by North Middlesex Hospital

On 11 April 2018, High Court Judge Simeon Maskrey QC approved a settlement of a Claim for compensation in respect of a child who was left disabled at birth caused by the negligence of the North Middlesex Hospital.

The child suffered a period of oxygen starvation to his brain due to a delay in his delivery at North Middlesex Hospital in 2009. This caused severe brain damage, leaving him with permanent disabilities, very little independent mobility and a reduced life expectancy. North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, who operate North Middlesex Hospital, admitted fault. He will receive a £2.75m lump sum, with further six-figure payments throughout his life.

Longden Walker and Renney’s David Nesbitt, said “In tragic cases, where children have been caused to suffer brain injury due to clinical mistakes, it is important that they receive all of the financial support and help that is available.”

Injuries at birth can have a devastating physical and emotional impact on a child as well as his or her family. If you or anyone you know has been affected by the issues covered in this news story, please contact us

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