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17 February 2013

Cerebral Palsy and negligence at birth

Partner Neil Heavisides successfully litigated 6 cerebral palsy liability cases during 2011.  Of those, 5 were for children who developed cerebral palsy as a consequence of negligence during their birth and 1 involved a child who was not looked after properly on a Neonatal Ward.  The actions are expected to result in combined payments of compensation running into tens of millions of pounds. 

Cerebral palsy comes in many forms and thankfully those that arise because of negligence at or around the time of birth are rare.  However, when it does arise it has a devastating impact.  Sometimes the effects can be subtle but very often the disabilities can be catastrophic.  When they are it is vital that the child is fully and properly compensated for all of their needs over the course of their whole life.  Usually, compensation will be claimed not only for the physical and psychological effects of the injury but also for what are very often significant care needs, occupational therapy and equipment costs (motorised wheelchairs, specialist seating, hoists etc.), properly adapted accommodation, appropriate transport (such as a people carrier with wheelchair access and lift), private orthopaedic, orthodontic and ophthalmic reviews and consultations in the future, assistive technology (such as computer aides), speech and language therapy and so on.

It is vital that anyone wishing to bring a claim in these types of cases instructs a specialist lawyer.  Here at Longden Walker & Renney we have experienced lawyers with a proven track record. Speak to us if you wish to consider bringing a case and you will be under no obligation.  The costs are usually fully met with legal aid and you will not be charged for your initial consultation.