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Brain damage can occur at any stage of life and can have a severe impact on the victim’s life, as well as their family’s.

You don’t have to suffer alone. You can call Longden Walker & Renney’s clinical negligence Solicitors on 0191 5666 500, or use our no obligation online enquiry form to explain what happened so we can get in touch.

Your claim may be covered by a No Win No Fee agreement and if you are entitled to any other financial benefits, Longden Walker & Renney’s experienced brain injury solicitors will make sure you know about it from the get-go.

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Some common examples of medical negligence-induced brain injuries are:

  • Injuries caused by mismanagement at birth;
  • Failure to diagnose strokes, haemorrhages and other brain conditions;
  • Surgical errors;
  • Failures to obtain consent;
  • Anaesthetic mistakes;
  • Drug-induced brain injuries;
  • Delay in diagnosis and treatment of pre-existing conditions, such as epilepsy.

Brain damage injuries can include, amongst other things:

  • Concentration difficulties;
  • Loss of memory and/or speed of thought processes;
  • A loss of speech;
  • Walking, balance and coordination difficulties;
  • Weakness or paralysis;
  • Behavioural and emotional changes;
  • A loss of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

In the most serious brain injury cases, there may be permanent disability, coma or even a persistent vegetative state.

Longden Walker & Renney’s clinical negligence team have years of experience acting on behalf of individuals and their families with medical negligence claims that result in brain damage. Although brain injury claims can be complex, our specialist brain injury solicitors can advise you on whether your claim is viable.

Call our clinical negligence solicitors on 0191 5666 500 if you think you might be entitled to brain injury compensation.

Interim Payments

Brain injuries can cause severe financial difficulties; it is therefore important for your solicitor to obtain some financial redress for you as soon as possible, so that you can continue with your daily life. At Longdens, we can do this for you whilst the claim is still in progress. Once we have obtained an admission of liability, we can arrange interim payments on your behalf.

As the case continues, this money can be used to pay for general living expenses, private medical treatments, rehabilitation support and equipment, adapted accommodation, loss of earnings and/or to set up a care regime.

For further information, call our medical negligence solicitors on 0191 5666 500 or start your brain injury compensation claim today online. We’ll get back in touch at a time that suits you.