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James' Story: £7,000 compensation for tooth extraction that caused him to develop a fistula

Our client James* received £7,000 damages following a dental extraction which caused him to suffer an oroantral fistular (a hole between mouth and nose) at Wincobank Dental Practice.

James contacted Longden Walker and Renney because he was concerned about the treatment he had received at Wincobank Dental Practice.  

His dental records were obtained and an independent medical opinion was sought from a Dental Surgeon.  Whilst oroantral fistulars are a potential risk of dental extractions, it was identified that the Defendant Dentist had failed to properly identify the higher chance of this injury occurring to James and make appropriate referrals to a Specialist to perform the extraction.

Based on this evidence a letter of claim was forwarded to the Defendant Dentist.  After consideration of the allegations the Defendant Dentist made an early offer to settle and James was happy to accept this settlement.   

 As part of the settlement agreement, James’ legal costs and expenses were paid by the Defendant Dentist.

If, like James, you have suffered an injury due to dental treatment, it is important that you obtain expert legal advice as soon as possible.  

 Do not hesitate to contact Andrew Burford by email at or call us on 0191 5666 500.  Alternatively, fill in our short enquiry form and one of our specialist solicitors will be in touch.


*James is a fictional name for a real client, used to protect his anonymity.

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